Big Bass Tournament 2012: Winner

Yes, it is a single winner. Mr. Larry Morgan of Oklahoma took all three places in this year’s Big Bass Contest. Larry’s big fish came from two perennial all star lakes, San Saba Waco Creek Ranch and Longbranch Yates Place.

We never dreamed that a single member would win all three places, but Larry is a great fisherman and was at the right places at the right time. All three fish were witnessed by fellow member Paul Bryan and were caught on a weighted fluke.  Larry did not want to completely divulge his lure presentation, but simply caught lots of really big fish using a weighted fluke. As you might expect the real secret to Larry’s success is in the details of how he presented the fluke to a waiting bass.

Larry will win $600 for first, $150 for second, and $50 for third place for a total of $800! Next year we will have what will inevitably be known as the “Larry Morgan Rule” where you can only win one of the three places. We had over 20 entries with lots of 22 and 22.5 inch bass. FYI a 22 inch bass full of eggs is typically about 7 lbs and a 22.5 inch bass full of eggs should weigh about 7.5 lbs. Larry’s 24.5” bass probably weighed close to 9.5 lbs when full of eggs. We had several fish caught that were larger than Larry’s 24.5 inch fish, but those members were not entered in the big bass contest.

Thanks to all that participated.  We're already looking forward to next years competition!