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Best bass fishing in Mexico; Lake El Salto, Lake Comodero or Lake Picachos. Book through Private Water Fishing and receive the same rates as booking direct, plus we provide insite and one on one help with your trip.

Private Water Fishing is a proud partner of the above industry authorities and organizations. We have been featured in dozens of TV, radio, newspaper and magazine articles. Including Alan Warren Outdoors, Kayak Bassin’, In Fisherman TV, Big Billy Kinder Outdoors Radio, Dallas Morning News, Austin Statesman, Houston Chronicle, The Tyler Paper and many more.  The groups and websites listed below provide great resources for fishing enthusiasts and outdoor lovers. From big product discounts to social media outfits featuring favorite fishing clubs like us, there’s no better place to find everything you need. You are welcome to visit their pages and ours to see what’s new in fishing essentials and the outdoors.

These sites are our trusted affiliates who are knowledgeable in the industry and who provide interesting information on a lot of topics such as bass fishing adventures, tackle, and outdoor news.

Our club members get a superior all-around fishing experience and a whole lot more, including special events like fishing tournaments and club gatherings. Our private lakes are among the finest in the country. This member-based private fishing club is known also for numbers – over 50 properties, and bass weighing about 13 lbs!

A lake reserved exclusively for you and your crew, more fish to catch than you could on public lakes, free fishing for children under 12, cabins and boats provided on most lakes, unpressured water for fishing you will surely enjoy – these are our members’ benefits.

Above all, we love our private waters and dear club members, and we aim to continue giving them the best care for the best outdoor experience that can only be found with Private Water Fishing.

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777 Ranch, Hondo

The 777 Ranch in one of the most iconic ranches in all of Texas. Known as "The Triple Seven," this unique ranch has brought together over 60 species of native…

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Caresend Lake: Broseco Ranch, Mt. Pleasant

This 14,000-acre ranch is blessed to have two 100 acre lakes. The ranch spares no expense in restocking, and the lake is under intense lake management practices. This lake consistently…

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Lago Escondido, Castroville

Just 35 miles west of Downtown San Antonio sits a slice of heaven. Lago Escondido is 24 acres and is the jewel of this 2700 acre ranch. The lake has…

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Lake Elizabeth: Broseco Ranch, Mt. Pleasant

This 100-acre lake is the sister lake to the well known Caresend Lake on the same property. This lake wraps under interstate 30 just about 20 miles east of Mt.…

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Dogwood Lakes Estate: East Lake, Henderson

This gorgeous property has 2 lakes. The bigger 22-acre lake is known as East Lake, and the smaller 12-acre lake is called West Lake. No question that these lakes are…

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