Survey Questions: More lakes closer to where we live

Lakes closer to home survey questions are answered

Download Newsletter : Survey Questions Newsletter.pdf

Survey Questions: Club Boats

Boat survey questions are answered

Download Newsletter : We Want New Boats.pdf

1/1/2019 Big Bass Contest Rules

Join the Big Bass Contest!

Download Newsletter : Big Bass contest Rules.pdf

12/18/2018 Christmas Newsletter

Download Newsletter : Christmas newsletter.pdf

12/03/2018 We Need Your Help!

Addressing Reservation Accuracy

Download Newsletter : We Neeed Your Help Newsletter.pdf

11/14/2018 Best Picture Story/ Contest Winners

11/14/2018 Best Picture/ Story Contest

Submit your favorite picture and story to enter!

Download Newsletter : Best Picture Story Newsletter.pdf

10/22/2018 New Property - Conroe, TX San Jacinto Bend

Come see our new property just north of Houston in Conroe, TX!

10/02/2018 New Property Santo - La Roca Range: Indian Cave & Rock Creek

Check out our new property in Santo, TX La Roca Range!

08/13/2018 Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trip 2019

Join us on the Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trip in October 2019.

Download Newsletter : Peacock Bass Fishing Amazon.pdf

08/13/2018 Cody Ranch Group Trip Fall 2018

Join the fun at the Cody Ranch group trip this fall of 2018!

07/13/2018 Fishing 201 with Ken Addington

Join us with Ken Addington as he teaches Fishing 201.

06/01/2018 2018 Big Bass Contest Winners

Check out our 2018 big bass contest winners!

Download Newsletter : 2018 Big Bass Contest Winners.pdf

04/19/2018 North Texas Club Fish Fry - Big Bass Contest - 2019 Comedero Group

We recap events at the north Texas club fish fry, update the big bass contest and join us on the 2019 Lake Comedero Group Trip!

04/16/2018 March Newsletter

Read the March Newsletter and see what happened in that month!

Download Newsletter : March Newsletter.pdf

04/02/2018New Property Crockett, Hickory Creek Ranch Lakes

Come check out our new property, Crockett - Hickory Creek Ranch Lakes!

03/29/2018 New Property Decatur, Waterboo Lake - Fishing 101 with Ken Addington

Check out our new property Decatur - Waterboo lake!

02/23/2018 Big Bass Contest Update - Fish Handling Care

Another big bass contest and some good information about handling largemouth bass.

02/16/2018 Farewell to Broseco Ranch

We say our farewells to wonderful owners and property.

Download Newsletter : Farewell Broseco Ranch.pdf

02/15/2018 Fishing 101 with Ken Addington

Join us to learn about fishing with Ken Addington.

02/12/2018 Big Bass Contest Update - Learn About Artificial Habitats

Check out the results of the big bass contest and join us to learn about deploying artificial habitats.

02/09/2018 2018 Comedero Group Trip Recap

Check out how our members did fishing in Mexico at Lake Comedero!

Download Newsletter : Comedero Group Trip 2018.pdf

02/05/2018 South Texas Club Fish Fry at Lago Escondido

Come join us for the south Texas club fish fry!

02/01/2018 North Texas Club Fish Fry at Dogwood Estates

Come join us for the north Texas club fish fry!

01/02/2018 Harvest Award Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in submitting harvest reports.

Download Newsletter : Harvest Award Winners 2017.pdf

12/12/2017 Merry Christmas Newsletter

Merry Christmas from PWF!

Download Newsletter : Chrismas Newsletter 2017_docx.pdf

New Property - Dunlay - FB Contest - Backside of the Moon Open!

New Property - Dunlay - FB Contest - Backside of the Moon Open!

Peacock Bass Fishing Amazon

Peacock Bass Fishing Amazon

New Properties - MK Ranch - Pecan Gap

New Properties - MK Ranch - Pecan Gap

PWF Catfish Tourney - Cody Ranch Trip - Free Trip Give Away

PWF Catfish Tourney - Cody Ranch Trip - Free Trip Give Away

Cody Ranch Trip, Sept. '17 - Lake Comedero, Jan. '18 - Brazil, Sept. '18

Cody Ranch Trip, Sept. '17 - Lake Comedero, Jan. '18 - Brazil, Sept. '18

Two New Properties - Now Hiring - Dogwood East on Fire

Two New Properties - Now Hiring - Dogwood East on Fire

Cody Ranch Trip - Lake Comedero - Brazil Trip

Join us for any of the upcoming trips including; Cody Ranch Trip, Lake Comedero, and the Amazon River in Brazil!

Two New Properties - Now Hiring - Dogwood East on Fire

We have two new properties located in the Austin area! Also, PWF is looking for a new hire.

Welcoming Cole to PWF - Big Bass - Cody Ranch Trip

Welcome the newest member of the PWF staff - Cole Porter!

Seth Leaving PWF

Seth is leaving PWF. We are thankful for his time with us!

Download Newsletter : Seth Leaving PWF.pdf

Mexico Bass Fishing January 2018

Don't miss your chance to fish Lake Comedero during the best two week period of the year! Join us on one of our two trips to fish this historic lake in January 2018.

2017 Club Fish Fry Wrap Up

A look back at the good times had at the 2017 club fish fry at Henderson - Dogwood Lakes Estate!

Download Newsletter : 2017 Fish Fry Wrap Up.pdf

Two New Properties and Big Bass Tournament Update!

Announcement of two new PWF properties and an update on the 2017 Big Bass Tournament standings!

Big Bass Tournament Update

An update on the 2017 Big Bass Tournament standings.

Lake Comedero Mexico 2017 Wrap Up

Our 2017 trip to Comedero was an outstanding success, with some unbelievable fishing! Read all about the trip here.

Download Newsletter : Comedero 2017 Wrap Up.pdf

Lake Elizabeth - Broseco Ranch adds a Second 100 Acre Lake!

A second lake is now open at Mt. Pleasant - Broseco Ranch. Lake Elizabeth is 100 acres, and sure to be a favorite of many members!

Download Newsletter : Broseco Ranch Lake Elizabeth.pdf

New Houston Area Property: Bedias - Triple Creek Ranch!

New property open in Bedias, TX!

Download Newsletter : Bedias Triple Creek Ranch.pdf

New Houston Area Property: Brenham - Old Oaks Ranch!

PWF is pleased to announce the addition of a new Property near Houston, Brenham - Old Oaks Ranch!

Download Newsletter : Brenham Old Oaks Ranch.pdf

New East Texas Property: Gilmer - Riley Lake!

PWF is proud to announce the opening of Riley Lake in Gilmer, TX!

Download Newsletter : Gilmer Riley Lake.pdf

New San Antonio Area Property: Castroville - Lago Escondido!

PWF is pleased to announce the opening of a new property in Castroville Texas!

Christmas Special 2016 - $50 New PWF Memberships!

Christmas special pricing - $50 off any new PWF fishing membership.

Download Newsletter : Christmas Special 2016.pdf

Amazon Trip 2016 - Memories for a Lifetime

Club Owner Steve Alexander and several club members went on the trip of a lifetime to fish for Peacock Bass in the Amazon River.

Download Newsletter : Amazon Trip 2016 Story.pdf

New Property Near Austin! Kyle - Brushy Creek Lake

PWF is pleased to announce a new property just outside of Austin: Kyle - Brushy Creek Lake!

PWF E-Newsletter #47 - April 2016

PWF is pleased to announce the opening of a new property, Tushka - Oak Meadow Lake!

Download Newsletter : ENL #47_April2016.pdf

Harvest Award Winners 2016 and Big Bass Tournament Update

Announcement of winners of this years harvest awards, and an updated on the standings in this years PWF Big Bass Contest.

Newsletter #46: February 2016

This newsletter covers the 2016 Cody Ranch group trip, pictures from PWF trips to Mexico, adding habitat to our lakes, and Grass Carp.

Download Newsletter : ENL #46_February2016.pdf

Lakes Fill Up - PWF in Thailand - Peacock bass

2 Club lakes reopen after the Spring rains, Steve Alexander, owner or PWF fishes in Thailand, and 2016 Peacock Bass Fishing Trip!

Download Newsletter : PWF ENL #45_July 2015.pdf

PWF E-Newsletter #44 - April 2015

PWF is pleased to announce three new East Texas Properties: Mt. Pleasant - Caresend Lake: Broseco Ranch, Henderson - Dogwood Lakes Estates (East and West Lake), and Kennard - Lake Boatwright. Download the PDF to learn more about these properties

Habitat Projects - PWF Staff has been busy adding habitat to club lakes.

Download Newsletter : ENL #44_April2015.pdf

2015 Big Bass Tournament Reminder

Register now for the 2015 PWF Big Bass Tournament. Contest runs through April 30th, 2015.

PWF E-Newsletter #43 - March 2015

Spring is here, and that means it time to get out and catch some big bass!

Download Newsletter : ENL #43_March2015.pdf

Bass and the Bible - Mexico 2015

We will be taking a group of 16 men to Lake Picachos in Mexico this October to catch some fish and learn about the Lord. If you are interested in this trip, please contact us as soon as possible, as there are a limited number of spots.

Download the newsletter below to learn more.

PWF E-Newsletter #42 - January 2015

Big Bass Contest 2015 - Harvest Awards for 2014 and More!

Download Newsletter : PWF ENL Jan 2015.pdf

Holiday Special: $50 off all New Memberships!

For a limited time only, PWF is offering $50 off all new memberships! Download the newsletter below to read more.

*Only one discount offer may be applied per membership

Download Newsletter : Holiday Special 2014.pdf

Winter Special Pricing

PWF is offering discounted day rates for winter trips with more than one fisherman. Download the PDF to read more about our winter special pricing!

Download Newsletter : Winter Special Pricing.pdf

PWF E-Newsletter #41 - October 2014

Amazon Trip - New Lake Open - Mexico Fishing - Adding Brush Piles - Looking for Lakes

Download Newsletter : ENL #41_October2014.pdf

Coalgate - Cody Ranch is on Fire!

Big things are coming out of Cody Ranch! Don't miss your chance the catch a big one this summer!

Download Newsletter : Cody Ranch Newsletter.pdf

Fish Lake Picachos in Mexico with PWF

Ever wanted to fish one of the famous lakes in Mexico? Here is your chance. Lake Picachos is on fire, and PWF is booking trips now!

Download Newsletter : Lake Picachos Newsletter.pdf

New PWF Referral Program!

Refer a friend, family member, coworker, or employee to PWF and you both save!

*Only one discount offer may be applied per membership

Download Newsletter : Referral Program Newsletter.pdf

2014 Big Bass Winners!

Shaun Cobb takes home first place!

Download Newsletter : 2014 Big Bass Winners.pdf

2014 Club Fish Fry

PWF Fish Fry and Brian's Send Off

Download Newsletter : 2014 Fish Fry Newsletter.pdf

New Property! - Athens - Neill Ranch

PWF is proud to announce a new property near Athens, Texas - Neill Ranch!

Download Newsletter : Neill Lake Newsletter.pdf

Newsletter #40: March 2014

Club Fish Fry - Brian Moves On - Seth Knochel Moves In - Big Bass Tournament Update

Download Newsletter : ENL #40 - March 2014.pdf

Win a Chance to Fish with Denny Brauer at Heartland 10-10 Ranch!

Newsletter #39: January 2014

2014 Big Bass Tournament; 2013 Harvest Winners; Spring Fishing Rules and Tips.

Download Newsletter : ENL #39 - January 2014.pdf

2013 Christmas Special: $50 Off All Memberships!

Details about our current Christmas Offer.

Download Newsletter : Christmas Offer 2013.pdf

Newsletter #38: October 2013

8 New Lakes in Oklahoma, El Salto Update, Fall Fishing Reports

Download Newsletter : October Newsletter 2013.pdf

Newsletter #37: August 2013

Big Summer Bass, Ron Speeds Adventures Reminder, Bass Harvest Stats

Download Newsletter : August Newsletter 2013.pdf

Fishing Partner System User Guide

This newsletter details how to sign up and use our Fishing Partner System

Peacock Bass Fishing with PWF

Join us in 2014 for a trip of a lifetime!

Download Newsletter : Peakock Bass Fishing with PWF.pdf

Newsletter #36: June 2013

El Salto Mexico Re-cap, Summer Fishing Tips - fishing in the weeds, Fishing Reports.

Download Newsletter : June Newsletter 2013.pdf

Newsletter #35: May 2013

Big Bass Tournament Winners, Big Fish Tips, Day Rate Changes

Download Newsletter : May Newsletter 2013.pdf

Newsletter #34: March 2013

Big Fish, El Salto Mexico Recap, Reservation/Cancellation Policy Changes

Download Newsletter : March Newsletter 2013.pdf

Newsletter #33: February 2013

New Property: Canton - Horse Shoe Lake, Martins Mill - Lake Side Returns

Download Newsletter : February Newsletter 2013.pdf

Newsletter #32: January 2013

2013 Big Bass Tournament, 2012 Fish Harvest Winners

Download Newsletter : January Newsletter 2013.pdf

Newsletter #31: November 2012

PWF Duck Hunting, New Property: Waxahachie - Pecan Springs Ranch, Fish Pics

Download Newsletter : November Newsletter 2012.pdf

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Hickory Creek Ranch Lakes, Crockett

Hickory Creek Ranch is a 31 acre lake that is manicured all the around the lake for easy bank fishing. There is a large pier and an island to add…

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K Bar Ranch , Dickinson

This ranch has 3 quarry lakes that vary in size. The largest lake which is 40 acres is called Lake TD, the middle lake is 25 acres and named Lake…

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Jones Lake, Clarksville

This 7 acre tank was designed to grow fish. This young lake has lots of standing timber, man made brush piles, two piers, a fish feeder and some of the…

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Lee Lake, Hamilton

Hamilton County sports one of the most impressive court houses in all of Texas. But, you likely did not come to Hamilton to check out county court house, you came…

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Lake Leinweber, Dunlay

Lake Leinweber is 22 acres and like many of the lakes in south Texas rises and falls with large rain events. The lake has a good forage base of bluegill…

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Lake Encino, Dunlay

Lake Encino is 15-20 acres depending on water level. Like most south Texas lakes, the size varies depending on yearly rain fall. We have seen the lake as small lake…

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Lake Thrallveston, Taylor

Just outside the sleepy community of Thrall is the 37 acre lake name Lake Thrallveston. This soil conservation lake bounces between turbid and phytoplankton rich colored water. Most of the…

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Indian Cave: La Roca Range, Santo

Just 55 miles west of Fort Worth sits one of the finest properties we have seen. This property has 2 lakes for our members to fish. The larger 31 acre…

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Slaughter Lake, Henrietta

We hope you "slay" the bass at Slaughter Lake. This 15 acre lake was constructed and stocked in 2014. We love new lakes for a myriad of reasons. New lakes…

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Live Oak Creek, Valley Mills

Live Oak Creek Lake is 10 acres and chocked full of bass. This is a numbers lake, with lots of fish in the 2 lb category. This lake is perfect…

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San Jacinto Bend, Conroe

This place is the definition of convenient for our Houston members. This 12 acre lake is just 5 minutes off of I-45 and epitomizes a country feel so close to…

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