Cancellation Policy:

•    All reservations canceled more than 72 hours in advance will have a $20 cancellation fee. If a reservation is canceled more than 72 hours in advance for any reason, you will be billed a $20 cancellation fee.
•    Cancellations within 72 hours of the start of your reservation will be billed 50% of the reservation total as a cancellation fee.
•    Cancellations within 24 hours of the start of your reservation will receive no refund (100% of reservation total will be billed.)
•    Modifications of DATE within 72 hours will be billed at 50%, and modification of DATE within 24 hours will be billed at 100% of reservation total. This total will be listed on the reservation as a “Modification Fee.” Modifying any aspect of a reservation other than the DATE will NOT result in a modification fee.

Policy for Weather Related Cancellation:

You may cancel within 72 hours of a reservation for the following weather related reasons with no cancellation fee/charge:
•    Sustained wind greater than (not equal to) 20 mph, or gusting wind more than 30 mph for 2 or more hours during a 1/2 day reservation, or 4 or more hours during a full day reservation.
•    50% chance of rain/thunderstorms/snow/sleet 2 or more hours during a 1/2 day reservation or 4 or more hours during a full day reservation

These two reasons must be substantiated through hourly forecast for the city. Weather information is provided on the property page, and in the reservation system.

When canceling due to weather, you must check the box in the cancellation area of the reservation system that says, “Check this box if you are canceling because of weather related issues,” and select the appropriate issue from the drop down that appears. If you do not do this, the system will generate cancelation charges.

No other weather related issues qualify for a weather related cancellation. Cold fronts are not a cause for a cancellation. Medical issues, children, or spouse issues do not qualify for a cancellation.

1/2 day AM and full day reservations begin at sunrise, and 1/2 day PM reservations begin at noon.

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