Rough Creek Lodge-lower prices

We are pleased to announce reduced fishing rates at Glen Rose Rough Creek Lodge. Mallard Lake, the 80 acre lake is one of the largest and most underrated lakes in the club. In August of 2010 PWF shocked 4 club lakes and RCL had the healthiest fish population of any of the 4 club lakes we shocked. We shocked Sadler, no longer in the club, Decatur Beaver Lake; a club favorite, and Cleburne Six O Ranch; perhaps the most popular lake in the entire club. The fish were healthy and the percentage of larger fish was greater than the other lakes. In fact, we shocked a 9 lb female that would have weighed 11 lbs in the spring of this year. It is very unusual to shock a fish this large in the summer.  We felt the day rate of $125 was simply too high; which kept many of you away. The new day rate is only $75.00 for a full day and $50.00 for a half day; with a two person minimum. You will need to bring your own boat and make sure you check in at the Beretta Room at RCL. A great day of fishing would be to fish Cleburne-Six O Ranch in the morning; drive 30 minutes south to RCL have a great lunch at the lodge and catch the evening bite at RCL. For those of you who have always wanted to fish Mallard Lake at Rough Creek Lodge and felt it was just too expensive, it just got a lot easier to fish.

If you want to see the video of this 9lb beauty click on the link below: