Itinerary for a 3-day trip at Picachos

Mexico Bass Fishing-Lake Picachos

January 27-31, 2023

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Day 1 - Fly to Mazatlán

After picking up your luggage and clearing customs a driver from Ron Speed Adventures will be awaiting you through the doors in the lobby of the airport. The airport is small and they will find you.

Tip: Some of you are ready for an adult beverage as soon as you arrive, resist the bartender/restaurant that will usually hit up for a beer as soon as you walk out of the doors looking for your Ron Speed Adventure driver. Wait 5 minutes and your van will have plenty of water, cokes, and beer for free.

Drive to Lodge The drive is approx,1.5 hours to El Salto and 1 hour to Picachos. Most of you will be hungry so ask your driver if you can stop at a restaurant just outside of town. It will add an hour to your trip, but no biggie as you will not be fishing today. So rather you arrive at 4:00 PM or 6:00 Pm it will not matter. Pay your driver for van transportation for all legs of your trip  Once you arrive- nachos, bacon-wrapped jalapenos, and all beverages will be available. The camp director will bring camp supplied fishing rods for your stay. Please choose 3 or 4 rods. Attach the reels you brought with you and tie on your favorite lures.

Tip: No fishing is done this day. In most cases, the guides are out fishing with other guests who are staying at the lodge. You have the late afternoon and evening to get your rods and prep for the first day of fishing.

Dinner is usually served at about 6:30 pm. During dinner, you will be assigned to your guide for the next day. You will also choose what and how many beverages you want on the boat with you. After dinner, have an evening cocktail and get ready to wake up early the next morning.

Tip: Your guides will change each day. This is done for two reasons. 1) Not all guides are created equal. You may like one guide better than another. 2) You may be a poor tipper, grump, or boring and the guide would like a change. Remember these guides work hard and finding fish is not always easy. A lot more pressure in guiding than it looks. Remember they want you to catch fish, their tips count on it.

Day 2 & 3 - Fishing All Day

Wake up is 1 hour before sunlight. Coffee and juice are available immediately. Breakfast is served approx 30 minutes after wake up. Fish dawn to noon, eat lunch take a nap, or read a book until 1:30/2:00. Fish until dusk. Eat dinner that night. Remember they want you to catch fish, their tips count on it. Remember to tip your guide at least $20. More if you feel he worked hard or you caught a giant fish.

Day 4 - Fish and Return Back to Mazatlán

Wake up is 1 hour before sunlight. coffee and juice are available immediately. Breakfast is served approx 30 minutes after wake up. Grab your rods and tackle box and walk to your boat. Fish dawn to 11:30 AM Eat Lunch and pack your bag and set it out front of your room. Fish until dusk. No Dinner at camp that night. You will leave for Mazatlán after a day of fishing; usually, about 1 hour after you are finished fishing. There will be no time for a shower or to get cleaned up. Leave for El Cid Castillo Beach Hotel. Some choose to order room service while others choose to have a late-night dinner about 9:00 or 10:00 pm.

Tip: Arrange for the bellhop to have a car (approx $25-$30) or Van (approx $50-$60) to take you to the airport the next day. This taxi or van ride is the total cost, you split these costs with those in your travel group.  Arrange to have transportation to pick you up 2.5 hours before your trip. It is about a 30-minute drive to the airport.

Tip: Do not expect to be checked into the hotel quickly, Mexico Hotels are slow with check-in. Tip your porter a $1.00 per bag. Casa Country is considered the best restaurant in the city and is walking distance (5-10 min) from the El Cid Castillo Beach Hotel. Take a cab for $5 if you prefer. Dinner is about $20 to $25 pp and is excellent.

Tip: Most of Mazatlán looks like it did in 1990. You may think that Crockett and Tubbs from Miami Vice are just around the corner. Hotels and restaurants are generally a bit dated. The good news is that prices are much lower than Cabo or Cancun. Mazatlán caters to the blue-collar American, older fixed-income Americans or upper to middle-class Mexican tourists.

Day 5 - Fly Home

Arrange for a van or taxi to pick you up at your hotel if you did not do so the night before. Have breakfast and check out of your Hotel. Leave for the airport 2.5 hours in advance of your flight. Flyback home and dream about doing it again next year.

Tip: Have breakfast outside overlooking the ocean at the El Cid. The breakfast buffet is about $15.

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