Mexico Fishing But what Lake?

Mexico Fishing But what Lake?

So, you are thinking about going to Mexico to go fishing and you are not sure what lake to fish. We get that and we understand how confusing the issue can be. We offer trips to 3 different bass fishing lakes in Mexico and each one has its own unique features. Here is what you can expect at each lake.

Lake Comedero

Lake Comedero is Mexico’s best Trophy bass lake for fish 10lbs or larger. It’s a beautiful mountain lake nestled in the Sierra Madre Mountains 100 miles northeast of the seaside resort city of Mazatlan. It's clear cool water is teeming with thousands of hungry Mexico black bass which will strike almost any type lure all year. Without any doubt, Comedero is the world’s best bass lake for numbers of bass from 6 to 12 lbs with some bass ranging from 12-15 lbs. Daily catches average 60 to 80 fish per day per boat. It certainly has the very best conditions for growing a world record with the year-round warm climate (bass feed year-round), high protein forage to include Tilapia, tremendous depth and cover for protection, and — most importantly — very little fishing pressure.

We will stay in a small, quaint lodge which is reflective of the true “Old Mexico.” The 2 main houses offer 4 bedrooms, with individual A/C units in each bedroom to assure your comfort. The dining hall is less than 200 feet across a small dirt road. Be careful of a chicken or donkey in the road, remember you are in Old Mexico as this lodge is the most remote of the 3 lakes.

Lake El Salto

There is a reason why there are more lodges on Lake El Salto than any other lake in Mexico. The lake continues to produce and is likely the most consistent of the three lakes for bass 3 to 8 lbs! Although there are a few other lodges, you will not be crowded on a lake of its size. On most days there are fewer than 30 boats on the entire lake. El Salto is a lake where catching 80-100 bass a day per boat is the norm, not the exception.

The guides at El Salto are likely the best of the 3 camps as they have an average of 15+ years in guiding experience. Most, not all, speak enough English that communication is not an issue. The camp sleeps 16 and has the experience down to an art. The camp has 2 small buildings each building has 4 rooms with double occupancy air-conditioned rooms. There is a central dining hall and a stocked bar.

Lake Picachos

This is the newest and hottest lake in Mexico. Catch rates exceed 150 fish per boat per day and it is not uncommon to catch 100 per person per day. The size of the fish is the smallest of the three lakes and you are generally catching 2 to 3 lb fish with an occasionally 5 to 7 lber thrown in. However, there is a double-digit lake in this lake, just not many. If you want to load the boat and the size is not as important as the numbers, this is the lake for you.

The lodge holds 26 anglers and is the largest of the 3 lakes. During the months of Jan-April the camp is usually full so expect to hear lots of fish stories. The camp has 2 styles of lodging and both styles have A/C rooms and your own private bathroom for you and your roommate.

What about Food?

After a day of fishing, you are welcomed to the camp with complimentary margaritas and hors d’oeuvres delivered directly to your house. Your day begins with coffee & fresh orange juice delivered to your house. Breakfast offers a wide selection of local fresh fruits, hot biscuits, bacon, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, coffee, and fresh-squeezed orange juice. Lunch consists of fresh fish fillets, French fries, Cheeseburgers, Spaghetti, and all kinds of lunch style foods. Dinner is an absolute FEAST each night with a menu of succulent charcoal-grilled 1 1/4 inch rib-eye steaks, shrimp, lobster (when in season), and delicious side items to include homemade guacamole and salsa.

Package includes:


Guided fishing and boat


Beverages including beer, wine, and premium liquors

Fishing License

Use of Rods

Free use of Satellite Phone

Cuban cigars

Not Included:

Airfare to and from Mazatlan

Round trip ground transportation from Mazatlan to the fishing lodge ($150 For Comdero. $90 for El Salto and $75 for Picachos)



Gratuities (suggested $20 per day for the guide and $20 per day for camp staff)

Last night stay at El Cid Castillo Beach in Mazatlan (Approx $50 per person)

Last morning breakfast at the resort (Approx $15)

What do you need to do in advance of the trip?

4 to 5 months out-

*Book airfare and Hotel at the El Cid Castillo Beach. I suggest you book both airfare and the Hotel with Martin Travel (800 627 6468). Martin Travel has room rates that are $30 to $60 less expensive than you can book directly with the Hotel. Martin Travel does charge a $25 service fee to book the hotel and airfare. But it is still less expensive than booking direct. If you are traveling with a fishing buddy, only one of you needs to book the room. SINGLE PEOPLE-If you are single I will assign you a room buddy. Call me to find out who your roommate is before you book your Hotel. This will be the person you share a room with at the lodge and the last night in Mazatlan before we leave the next day.

*Verify your passport is current

2 weeks out

Review tackle list and buy any last-minute necessities

Spool reels with fresh line (you have come too far and spent too much money to take a chance)

If you have any questions, please call me.



Steve Alexander

office 214 871 0044

cell 214 808 5512