Just my luck

Mar 20 2023

Charles McCarble


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Fished on Sunday with my son. We hit the water around 9:00. Temp was a cool 31 degrees and light north wind. Weather man called for 5-10 mph wind….WRONG…it was more like steady at 10 with gust to 15. Cold front really slowed things down We fished steady until 5:00. Caught 11- LMB (all males), 1- lg. blue gill. All healthy and between 2-2 ½ lbs. Eight were caught on green pumpkin 6” Lizard texas rigged, two caught on a red rattletrap, one on a black/blue chatter bait. Water temp in mid-50’s. Fish were in the matted grass… tough to fish unless weedless presentation and worked SLOW. Other baits that failed…frog, jerk bait, swim baits. This is the place to be in next 3-4 weeks (once cold fronts are done). One of my favorite places!