Break in the Weather

Mar 20 2023

Marshall Wong


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Reservation Number : 35561
Property Name : Lake Encino
Reservation Date : 03/19/2023 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 24 LMB, one large bluegill released
Lures Used : Senko, whopper plopper, rattlertrap, chatterbait, crankbait, alabama rig, magic shad

Made last minute trip to Encino when wind and rain forecast looked decent. The keypad is broken and when I finally approached the gate, it was only secured by a bungee. The ranch is greening up, but the lake is way down- less than 10 acres. It looks like it would be huge and have awesone structure if full. Not many fish in the bluebonnet flats. Easy bank fishing, but I used the johnboat. There is a lot of coontail on the bottom. On the water at 9 and threw everything without much action. Bite fired up around 11 when the sun came out. Senkos around whatever structure was in the water and mid lake on rattletrap and chatterbaits. Had 4 big evening blowups on whopper plopper, but no hookups. Bass were all spawned out and a little thin but put up decent fight