Post front at Ben Wheeler

Mar 20 2023

Jimmy Bennett


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Reservation Number : 35431
Property Name : Twin Lakes
Reservation Date : 03/19/2023 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 4 caught, 1.25-2.25
Lures Used : Underspin, brush hog, frog

First time here but a good day. Only fished west lake but east lake looked good too. Boated 4 between 1 ¼ & 2 ¼ lbs but should have been much better if not for several poor hook sets.  Fished from 1-5p.  Post front conditions (which means a little tough), water temp 56-59. 2-4 vis.  Typical lake grass so keeping lure clean was a challenge.  Fish wouldn't chase much but a cast on their head seemed to be the trick.  Lay downs and isolated brush were the most productive.  Saw a pair of beds with early spawning fish. Plan to return later this year and fish both lakes.