Sailboat day but a day that spot lock proves extremely valuable

Mar 19 2023

Brent McWhorter


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Reservation Number : 35537
Property Name : Travis Lake
Reservation Date : 03/18/2023 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 3, 1 bass 2.25 lbs
Lures Used : Spinnerbait

Very windy and cold day but managed three fish. Beautiful property with easy access to the lake. water stained from recent heavy rains. Better conditions would have yielded a better day without a doubt.  Gusts to 25 was tough.  Not a lot of structure at all in water. Feel it would benefit heavily from having such to concentrate fish a little and allow baitfish to thrive. Lake has a lot of potential. Excited to fish more of the properties as this was my first since joining. 

Mar 19 2023

Mark Daugherty


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Welcome the community Brent – these tough early spring weather days are trying!


Mar 19 2023

John Freeman

Slot Fish

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Welcome Brent. Travis is a decent lake, has good numbers, needs some culling, but can give up a good fish occasionally. Been there 3 times and have always got a 4-5lb fish. Member caught a 7lb a couple years ago. Ned’s n Chatterbaits my go to there. The stained water will settle eventually. Lake is also lightly turbid and not a lot of vegetation grows there. A good lake. Gonna do it later this spring myself.