Good day at Escondido

Mar 17 2023

Doug Johnson


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Reservation Number : 35437
Property Name : Lago Escondido
Reservation Date : 03/15/2023 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 9
Lures Used : Red Senko's and Blue/Yellow Tail worms

Couldn’t get on the lake till late – about 9:30.  Cloudy day, water down a good 5 feet making it hard to launch by little Bass Baby boat.  Wind came up which made it harder to control the boat and stay on structure.  Temps stayed cold and never even took off my coat.  Caught 9 alltogether without a single cull.  Big fish was 3 ½ lbs.  All fish were healthy and fat and all were caught really tight to stumps or on the damn.  Biggest fish came off the pipes at the pump house.  Great day of fishing but had to cut is short because of another obligation so all the fish came within 3 hours of fishing.  It’s a beautiful lake and turkeys were in full strut at the dam and towards the back of the lake.