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Mar 15 2023

Glen Armstrong


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Reservation Number : 35476
Property Name : Grain Bin Lake
Reservation Date : 03/14/2023 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 10 to 4.3 pounds
Lures Used : Swim jig, Rage Tail worm, chatter bait, swim bait

I fished from 12-5. The water temperature was 65 degrees with 4-5’ of clarity. All the fish I caught came from water no deeper than 5’. There is a shallow flat on the right side of the lake after you launch your boat. Swimming something over or through the grass/vegetation in this area worked well. The best part is all the fish were quality.The smallest was about 3lbs. and the largest was over 4 lbs.I saw one male fish on a bed. I may have missed other beds , but it is hard to see into the water well from my kayak.