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Mar 14 2023


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Reservation Number : 35464
Property Name : Wildcat Creek
Reservation Date : 03/13/2023 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 31
Lures Used : Spinnerbait, Crankbait, Rattletrap, Frog, Jerkbait, Swim jig

I got to go fishing at the beautiful Wildcat. It was a fun family place without the family. I believe I met the owner right away driving in around 1 pm. He was extremely personable and very accommodating with the property. He said I could check out the cabin if I wanted to, and also use the bathroom in a separate community building. It was very new and resort-like! There was another boat at the rock launch, but I was the only one fishing. Fishing was a bit slow at first. I didn't have any electronics. It was windy and the water was stained. I was hunting prespawners in shallow water from 2-5'. I couldn't get them to hit a frog, rattletrap, or spinnerbait at all. Tried a swim jig and jerkbait with no takers. The water level was up from what I could tell. The lake has 3 fingers on the northern side. The trees around the perimeter provided a little wind protection if you stayed in the fingers. I still continued to grind it out when I saw my hint. Small bait fish (shad) were popping in the flooded grassy shores. I tied on a medium sized shad color squarebill crankbait and the rest was history. I threw it to the edge of the grassline and retrieved it slowly. The bass were striking it in 1-5' of water all over the lake including the dam. Be careful as there are small and large brush in all depths. Luckily, I only lost 1 crankbait on this trip! The bass were still biting when I started going back to the launch around 6 or so. There were a lot of fish from 13-16" caught with a few under and overs. Culling will definitely help fatten up the bass. I ended with 31 and culled 14. Prime spots were points, shores with submerged brush, and the island. Hope to fish it when it's not so windy so I can throw a tx rig and wacky rig. Great place all in all for the first trip I took. Thank you owner and PWF!

NOTE: Steve, the owner told me he has a boat for us to use :)