Malouf Mania!

Mar 08 2023

Ryan Sipe


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Reservation Number : 35184
Property Name : Malouf Lake
Reservation Date : 03/07/2023 PM - 03/07/2023 PM
Total Fish/Sizes : 53 LMB, 1lb to 4.56lbs
Lures Used : Senko, T-Rig, Swimbait, Frogs, Swim Jig, Spinnerbait

I originally was scheduled to fish on Thursday, but saw thw weather looked iffy, so switched to Tuesday; glad I did.  Arrived at 12:15pm with air temps at 71 degrees and winds around 8-10mph.  Fished the NW corner left of the boat ramp first as I usually have some luck there, but no takers on spinnerbait, swim jig, senko or jerkbait.  Saw a few busts around the lake, so decided I needed to switch up approaches.  Cruised down the W side of the lake all the way down to the cattle cattle and decided to work with the wind vs. anchoring.  Switched to a paddle frog and the bite was on.  The good news is bites were every 5-10 casts and they were explosive.  The bad news is, the only paddle frog i had in my tackle box was a bit too big for some of the fish, so lots of blow ups and misses (some user error on my end of course).  Worked all the way back to the boat ramp catching 9.  Decided to head to the East side, worked about halfway down to the power lines and caught a few more.  At that point I decided I to switch it up and moved to a swimbait.  This is where things went bonkers.  Back on the SW side, fished the entire length of the bank and caught 14.  At one point caught fish on 4 straight casts and 5/6 casts.  Went to the other side and it was even better with 20+ fish.  The big girl was in a cove and as soon as the swimbait hit, she blasted it.  I wished i hadn’t told my wife I’d be home by 6:15pm or else i would’ve stayed longer!  Packed up the car, but couldn’t help myself and threw some casts left of the ramp.  Caught two more, missed one and called it a day.  Incredible 4.5 hours on the water and my torn up thumb shows it!  Thanks PWF for this fun lake.

Mar 28 2023

Merlin Talley


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Those are the kind of half-day trips we all hope for. Glad you got to experience it, Ryan! Personally, I'm excited to see reports like this for Malouf Lake since it's the club lake closest to me.