Wind Blown

Mar 07 2023

Chris Casner

Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 34727
Property Name : The Bluffs of Sandy Shores
Reservation Date : 03/06/2023 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 3 LMB including 1 Cull
Lures Used : One of those days where nothing worked

Fished with a guest from first light to 1:00. Weather forecast looked good  – north winds at 11mph but they we’re 14 to 24 from the south. I guess thats why they call it a foreast. We threw everything at them in all different colors.  I’ve never throw that many different colors of soft plactics.  The one bright moment was a really nice fish came up two feet from the boat and swiped at the buzzbait, made a hugh splash – scared us both. I think he saw me and didn’t commit.  Water temp was 62 when we left. There are going to be more good days than bad on this lake the way it’s being managed. Owner Ronnie came down and spoke to us. He has big plans for this place – its already a show place but he keeps making it better and better.