First PWF Trip Was One to Remember

Jan 25 2023

Doug Lee


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My first trip as a PWF member was a memorable one. I fished with good friend and PWF member Travis Holland, and he had us on the fish all day! Most came from the back of the coves, and they were crushing shad pattern swim baits. Our best 3 went 7.8, 5.11 and 5.10, with several in the 2 to 3 lb. range and 38 culls, under 16 inches.

The owner stopped by and was very pleased to see the harvested fish. He shared that a cleaning station is now available, next to the cabin. We did not come prepared to use it but certainly will on future trips. What a beautiful and well-maintained property. The owner and his ranch hand were friendly and shared info on the property and fishing conditions. Thanks to PWF and the owner for making this property available to club members.

Tight lines,

Jan 25 2023

Steve Alexander


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Welcome to the club and thanks for posting a fishing report. Gilmer Hat and Star Lake has had a resurgance in the last year. The owner has invested a LOT of money and time into the lake in the last 24 months and the bass growth and the quality is showing. 

For those who have not fished here, you are missing something. IMO, this lake has the best “bones” of any east Texas lake in the club. It has points, humps, timber, brush piles and some really deep water up to 30 feet deep. The lake has had 28,000 shad added each of the last two years. The owner is on a fertilization program to keep the water green and managing the aquatic vegetation. All ingredients and components to make the lake great. 

The lake has been in the club about 10 years and the first 3 years and it kicked out more fish over 8 lbs than any lake in the club. For about 5 years after that it fell off a bit, but today it is rolling again. If it were 1 hour closer to Dallas it would be booked solid. Those willing to drive 2 to 2.5 hours from Dallas, can be rewarded with one of the best days of fishing you have ever had.   It now has a cabin for you to stay. Don’t miss out on Gilmer.