It was windy and cold

Jan 23 2023


Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 34883
Property Name : Crossroads Ranch
Reservation Date : 01/22/2023 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 26
Lures Used : Crankbait, Rattletrap, Plastic swim baits, Trig creature bait

Today was windy and cold, but it didn't keep the bass from biting in the grass. Anyways, I needed some stress relief so I made the booking the same day- thank you Cole. Got out there fishing at 1 pm and fished until 5. It was pretty windy so I started out anchoring. Water temp was 50 and clarity was 6-7'. A lot of the fish were caught on the flat from the launch out to the treeline. They were caught in 3-7' of water. Swim baits and Trig creature bug were best. Cast them far and let them fall and swim them for best results. They would hit the bait on the fall and/or on the retrieve. Hard baits were not successful as soft plastics. NW side toward the dam was also successful in 3-7' of water. Tried deeper water from 10-15' with little success. Ultimately, the bass were in the grass. I ended up catching 26 and culled 15. There were no giants but they were healthy hard fighting fish. Thank you owner and PWF!

Note:  The property jon boat was repainted and the transom was reinforced. It looked and worked great.