Another good trip to Double A

Jan 18 2023

John Hufstedler


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Reservation Number : 34751
Property Name : Double A Lake
Reservation Date : 01/17/2023 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 8 fish up to 6,25 lns
Lures Used : Alabama Rig, flat sided crank bait

Fished from sunrise till about 1:00 pm.  Calm winds, air temp about 61 to start, water temp from 52 to 53.5, water clarity to about 4 ft.

Alabama rig was the popular bait today. Started out in the northeast part of the lake (if you don't have a waypoint marked there, you should) There is a rock pile there that has always held fish for me. Most of the fish caught were in that part of the lake. A few were cought at random spots around the weed/slime line, but the biggest and most were in the NE part of the lake. 

As everyone says the property is well maintained and Joe is doing all he can to grow big fish and make fishing the lake a good experience.