It would have been slow....

Jan 17 2023

Blake Nelson


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Reservation Number : 34804
Property Name : Frannies Lake
Reservation Date : 01/16/2023 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 35
Lures Used : Crankbait

Dad and I fished from about 9am to 3pm. It was a bit of windy day, so fishing slow was challenging.  We need up mostly fished moving baits (Spro Speed Demon 55, Spinnerbaits, swimbaits, swim jigs, etc….) It would have been a slow day if it wasnt’ for the crappie. I have never seen anything like but the crappie were killing the Spro Speed Demon crankbaits. We need up catch 4 bass (2 nice overs / 2 small unders) and 30 monster crappie.