40+ fish in 2 hrs

Jan 08 2023

Steve Tawadrous


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Reservation Number : 34726
Property Name : Toby Lake
Reservation Date : 01/07/2023 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 40+
Lures Used : Crankbaits & TX rig

Fished half-day with a buddy at Toby. Cold front conditions wind from the north 15 to 20 mph.. caught one fish at the very beginning and nothing after that. We were about to call it a day because we were so cold and underdressed. We decided to fish one last spot by the mouth of the creek where I caught my first fish and it was lights out after that - one after the other. For two hours straight from 3-5 pm we were pulling them in giggling like little school girls because we couldn't believe it. Most of the fish we caught ranged from 3 – 4.5 lbs. We lost count after 40. All the fish caught were from one spot we didn't move the boat once.

Jan 08 2023

David Felton


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You found quite the honey hole!  Congrats on a great day.


Jan 09 2023

Dale Pybus

Slot Fish

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Quite the score. Silly school girls should be so lucky. 

Good on you guys for hanging in.