Tough weather day at Six O

Nov 27 2022

Raymond McKinney


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Reservation Number : 34359
Property Name : Six O Ranch
Reservation Date : 11/26/2022 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 2/16” and 18”
Lures Used : Fluke

Got there at 7, still raining so waited until it quit to launch. Caught 2, wind layed and the sun even came out. Then it all changed. Temp dropped and wind got to really howling. Never got another bite, on anything, anywhere on the lake. As sometimes happens on this lake, the wind finally won and I gave up about 2. 
Something I did enjoy very much though was watching hundreds and hundreds of ducks just pour into this lake from every direction. Gadwalls, Widgeon, some scalp, several HUGE groups of teal, some red heads… even some pintail later. Wow, what a show! I've no doubt the duck hunters did really well this morning. 
I remain totally grateful to the ranch owners, who I like very much, for making this spectacular place available to us. Thanks to them and to PWF for helping me make the scheduling work. There is never a bad day fishing here regardless of the weather. Thanks again.