Nov 25th @ Twin Lakes, Ben Wheeler - a little family time between rainy days

Nov 26 2022

Mark Daugherty


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I took the opportunity to take my visiting daughter and her husband out to Twin Lakes between the rain on Thursday and Saturday. We started around 10:30 and finished around 4:30 - not going at it all that hard but enjoying being out. We landed 17 up to 4.1 lbs. We did take the club boat out on the East but really the only productive area was around the dam and south end. Additionally we walked over to the West** and had some luck there walking the northern shore. 

My daughter pretty much stuck with a small underspin on a spinning rod and my son-in-law only fly fished. I kept it simple and slung a white/silver chatterbait. Overall we had such a good time!

** the adversity for the day - a dead battery in the 4Runner. The trolling motor battery terminals were opposite to the car battery and the positive cable wouldn’t come close to reaching. So the Mrs had to make the 3 hour trip to bail us out with a jump start. 

Also if you are wondering about TW after approx 2 inches of rain - the property drains really well and we had no challenges with the trek down to the lakes and back. 

Nov 28 2022

Bob Scheidemann

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Looks like you had a great time with your family catching some nice quality fish! Hats off to your wife for coming to the rescue!