Mud VS Man "Split Decision" On Toby Lake

Oct 30 2022

Scott Wheeler


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Reservation Number : 33660
Property Name : Toby Lake
Reservation Date : 10/29/2022 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : Approx 35. From 1 LB To 5.11 LB 1 Very Pissed 8LB Blue Cat Fish
Lures Used : With 7 Of Us Fishing I'm Pretty Sure Everything Was Used At Some point

Weather Played A Big Part On This Trip.
Low 48*  High 60*
North Wind 7 To 15
Overcast All Day
After A Day Before Washout, Saturday Was Scattered Light Rain At Times, Dry Biggest Part Of Day.
Water Murky Maybe 1Foot Visibility
Average Depths  2 To 11 Ft
Water Temp 57* To 59*
Lake Water Level  Low  5 To 7 Feet
Lots & Lots Of Slick Oklahoma Red Clay Mud.
 1 Costly Fatality
Today Of All Days Was when My Transfer Case On My 4X4 Decided To Take A Huge Crap “DOA”
Thats Going To Be Some Extended Down Time.
Fortunatley The 2 Wheel Drive Remained Intact.

Multiple PWF Members On This Reservation    7 Members 5 Boats.
Chris Harper, Hans Hodell, John Freeman, Steve Scanlon, Charles McCarble, Joshua Massoud & Scott Wheeler
This Is An Outstanding Group Of PWF Members, I Would Fish With Any Of You Anytime..Thanks Guy’s

First Off I Want To Say, A Big Thank You To All Of You.  “It Was The Bass And The Blood The Dust And The Mud’
It Was A Truly A Total Team Effort At The Launching, Everyone Pitched In To Help One Another To Get The Boats In The Water.
”We Got By With A Little Help From Our Friends”  And So We Shall Claim Victory..

We All Reserved Rooms The Night Before In Duncan OK
And Met Up At Don Jose’s For A Good Meal, Pre Bass Tactics Talk And Some Laughs..
Mr Charles McCarble Picked Up The Tab For Our Meal, A Big Thank You Sir.

Finally On The Water
When I Hit The Lake, I Looked To See Where Every One Was Heading, We Were Scattered From The Dam To The Shallows Of The North End
All Trying Out The Tactics We’ve Been Mapping Out For Weeks.
I Think Most Of Us Started Catching Some 1 To 3 LB Fish Fairly Quick In 3 To 6 Ft Depths (Except For John,  Don’t Worry It Has A Happy Ending)
Around The Many Stick ups And Stumps In The Lake
As For Me All My Fish Throughout The Day Were Very Close To Cover Average 4 To 6 Ft Deep…

I Managed To Find A Sweet Spot  That Droped From 2 To 6 Ft With Lots Of Stick ups & Laydowns And The Action Stayed Steady For Awhile
Lost As Manny As I Caught And Had One I Never Seen Hit Hard And Break Me Off.
So I Tied Back Up And Moved Over To The Spillway, Tossed A Fluke With A Underspin And WHAM ! ! ! Line Burner
Turned Out To Be A 8LB Blue Cat, Oh Well It Was Still Fun.

As I Scanned The Lake I Could See The Other Members Landing Some Fish Most Of Them In The 2 To 3Lb Range
(Except For John)

We Had All Agreed  On A Big Bass Pot  “Only $25.00 Each”  And The Highly Coveted Biggest Bass-Hole Trophy, The Winner Would Have His Trip Payed For From This Pot.

Around 1PM,  I Ran Into John, We Talked For A Little Bit  And Found That He Had Not Boated A Fish As Of Yet
Wich I Found Hard To Believe Because This Just Doesn’t Happen To John. 
So We Moved On, I Went Back To The Spot I Had Some Success Earlier and John Was Just About 30 Yards North Of Me
In The Drop Off And Stick Ups When I Heard Him Shout, I Looked Over And Seen The Bent Rod And His Prize Hit The Surface And Then Back Down
Into Heavy Cover And We Both Thought She Had Made Her Get away,  John Relaxed His Line She Came Out And He Landed His 5.11 Lb  Big Bass Pot Fish
So Rule 1 When You Go All Day And Have Not Caught Anything, Make Sure When You Do, It’s The Big Bass Pot Winner.
“Note” John Boated 2 More After The Big Fish.

At This Point It Was 3PM And The Cold Rain Moved Back In And It Was A All Hands On Deck, Batten Down The Hatches Ecsape Back To The Boat Ramp.

Once Again Everyone Pitched In As A Team And Safely Got Us All Loaded Back Up For The Long Drive Back Home..

Again To All Of My PWF Brothers
I Want To Thank You For Helping Bring This Trip Together
We All Played Our Part In This
And I Hope Everyone Enjoyed Themselves And Would 
Go Do It Again.
Maybe Next Time With Some  Better Weather Conditions.

Take Care And God Bless.


Oct 30 2022

John Freeman

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Scott cover that report really well, thanks to everyone. It was a pleasure fishing with you at probably the only club lake that could handle that many. Note to anyone that goes out. The ramp paving is soft. With the rain Friday that didn't help. Be aware that until that lake fills up (7’ low estimated), the area where the ramp stops is soft. Wouldn't hurt for the owner to have the big ol’ John deer compress that ramp. It would be difficult to get a roller in there. Tight lines ya’l