Talk about post frontal Tues!!!!

Oct 27 2022

Brian Dumont


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Reservation Number : 34196
Property Name : Bremmond
Reservation Date : 10/25/2022 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 11 fish, no units
Lures Used : Whopper plopper, cranks, lipless, chatterbaits, flukes, swim jigs, spinner baits

Definitely not the most favorable day to fish tues morning.  Hill country got slammed Monday night and it Definitely had its effect on the fish. Another member and I kept our reservation and figured might as well give it a shot. We did ok, no units caught.  Some nice 2s and 3s. My best came from the tree line on the bank early in the morning.  The rest where caught on the dam side with deep diving cranks dredging the bottom. Still had a fantastic time.👍

Nov 06 2022

Meghan Frazier


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