Big fun catching small fish

Oct 14 2022

Merlin Talley


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Reservation Number : 34095
Property Name : Beaver Lake
Reservation Date : 10/14/2022 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 29 LMB / All 2 lbs or less
Lures Used : Paddletail swimbait, swim jig

Finally starting to feel like fall. It was a nice cool morning and water clarity was great, up to 6 feet. Used to the club boat to start with the north east side of the lake and quickly found bass along both the inside and outside grass lines. They liked the weedless swim jig in green/purple with rage menace trailer, but the LOVED the 4.3” Keitech Fat Impact in bluegill flash on a light swimbait hook. They were hitting the Keitech almost as soon as it hit the water, so I used it almost exclusively after the first hour. 

Also had success along similar looking grass lines toward the midde of the lake. Sometimes I switched from the grass line to quickly reeling the Keitech over the grass mat and had several fun blow ups. At one point I even missed a hook set and the bait went flying, but another bass hit it the second it hit the water. Despite not locating the larger bass, it was a very fun morning and a much needed escape from my overcrowded schedule.