Ended up being a decent day

Sep 05 2022

Tom Canon


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A friend and I fished Toby lake on 9-3-22. We used the on site boat as I usally do and that didn’t start well. There was no plug (we made one out of a stick) and had to add a piece of wood at the transom to mount my trolling motor. Once we got the boat in the water at around 7:00am, the day started improving. We weren’t killing it, but we were catching fish. A few over 3 lbs and a 4.62. My buddy had the biggest fish of the day on his line, but we weren’t able to land it. We fished till about 2 o’clock and ended up with 13 LMB and 2 crappie. Once I rethink my boat situation, I will return. 

Sep 06 2022

Steve Alexander


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Sorry about the boat plug. We will get the owner to get a plug put into the boat. I always wonder why those things go missing. Who takes a boat plug out? Anyways, sorry about that. Thanks for letting us know.