Fished til the Cows Came Home

Aug 29 2022

Bryan Buchan


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Reservation Number : 33629
Property Name : Bremmond
Reservation Date : 08/28/2022 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 17 total - 6 culls; 11 @ 2 - 5 lbs
Lures Used : Plastics

Fished Thorndale Bremmond Sunday morning, Aug. 28 from sunrise to about 11:00.  Always enjoy fishing there, and this was no exception.  Caught 6 culls, and 11 other fish up to 5 lbs.  All were fat and healthy except for one of the culls that had some kind of spinal disorder, and was pretty messed up.  Tried other lures, but caught everything on soft plastics, especially on wacky worms.  Caught fish elsewhere, but the biggest and the most fish were on the edge of the timber.  Toward the end of the morning one of the cows decided to wade way out into the water with us.  I guess he was just cooling off, and he really didn’t bother us, so it ended up being sort of a fun way to end the morning.