Hot Day at Bray, Part 2

Aug 14 2022

Mike Adel


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Reservation Number : 33387
Property Name : Toby Lake
Reservation Date : 08/13/2022 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 4 over 4 lbs, 5-6 over 3 lbs, 9-10 over 2 lbs, 2 culls
Lures Used : shad-colored cranks, 6ft depth

Brought a guest to Toby for a half-day outing – hoping to have similar results that I had a month or so ago.  Water temp 85, nice breeze (thankfully!) putting a helpful chop on the water.  Tried topwater early, caught 2-3 smaller fish on a white whopper flopper.  By 8am the topwater was done & we tied on cranks and scooted out into deeper water.  I returned to some of the structure I found on my last visit about half-way up the main part of the lake along the creek channel.  Nothing.  By 9am we were drifting the creek channel back into deeper water towards the dam, and BAM – started tying into them once we found the 9-11 ft water edged by some timber not far from the ramp.  Ended up with 30 fish – 21 over the slot, 2-3 culls, and 6 average sized crappies – and lost one broad-shouldered pig at the boat that was at least 24” long.  We worked hard to find them, but hit a nice 2-3 hour late morning stretch that made it all worth it.  Defintely coming back, maybe when the weather cools down some.