Yet another stellar day!

Aug 04 2022

Keith Stagg


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Reservation Number : 33341
Property Name : Hickory Creek Ranch Lakes
Reservation Date : 08/03/2022 All Day - 08/03/2022 All Day
Total Fish/Sizes : 88, all but 10 were in the 1.5 to 6 pound range. Most were in the 2-3 pound range
Lures Used : Top water poppers from first light until it ended for about 1 hour. After that it was all crank bait.

I started with a popper at about 6:00am and did well for about 1 hour then the bite stopped. I change lures to a sexy shad color square bill crank bait and the bite turned on. My brother, Dale, joined me at about 9:00 and tried various lures before switching to a sexy shad  crank bait. I did’t think the sexy shad was the best color so I switched to a chartreuse color and did much better. Dale continued to do well on the sexy shad color.

Aug 05 2022

Dale Stagg

Slot Fish

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I did catch a couple on a Carolina Rigged Fluke and a couple against timber on a Whacky Rig Worm. Still as said, most fish were caught on a crank bait. Caught several under 10” but most were in the two 5o three pound range. This lakecwill produce well in a few years with big bass if this continues. Water was 90degrees and the water level has dropped about a foot in the last few weeks. They need rain bad. This lake is a lot of fun. Thanks for the oportunity to fish here once again. I got home last night about 11pm and found one of my kayak trailer tires was completely flat. No telling when it went flat but I drove home at highway speeds and never even knew it.