Warm, Windy and some Bass to Boot

Aug 03 2022

Ryan Sipe


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Reservation Number : 33281
Property Name : Nix Ranch: Lake TCU
Reservation Date : 08/02/2022 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 25 LMB, Culls to 3.2lbs.
Lures Used : Popper, Chatterbait, Jerkbait, Texas Rig

Launched at sunrise, 87 degree air temp with 11 mph winds.  Water was low, but what’s new in Texas this time of year.  Fished the shoreline and points to the right of the dock, caught 3 (2 culls and a 2.5 lber.).  Tried around the islands, but given the low water, it’s not too feasible.  Coontail lines the bottom of the lake and with the low water can make it challenging in many spots with anything using an exposed hook.

Moved around the lake and had some good luck in the corner near the old dock/bison statues. Combo of chatterbait, jerkbait and t-rig mag worm netted 5 in that area.

Puttered around with not a lot of luck for the next hour or so on multiple lures.  Finally around 11:30am settled into the deeper channel inthe middle of the lake (between the two islands).  Fished along the coontail line with the jerkabait and that was the trick.  Caught 7 in 10 minutes in that spot.  Hopped around to a few similar looking spots and had some success at each one on the jerkbait.

All in all, 25 LMB, 11 culls, with 3.2lbs. as the largest.  Very well manicured property.

Side note, there are some massive carp in this  lake.  They were lined up along the shore at sunrise, fins out of water.  Around 8:30am, they started a nice aerial show down by the buson statues.  Multiple fish coming out of the water; was fun to watch.