Just In Timber Lake

Jul 28 2022

Bryan Buchan


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Reservation Number : 33321
Property Name : Bremmond
Reservation Date : 07/27/2022 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 31 from 1 to 3.5 lbs
Lures Used : Wacky worms, rattle traps, swim baits, shallow cranks, top water

Always enjoy fishing Thorndale Bremmond, and 7/27 was no exception.  Figuring out the different patterns each time is part of the fun, and this time the pattern was in and around the timber with 3” and 5” wacky worms.  This is the second time the timber has really produced for me – the first time during spring, spinnerbaits were the lures of choice.  We fished several other lures all over the lake, but wacky worms in and around the main section of timber (north of the fence) produced 80% of the fish.  However, we did catch our biggest fish, a 3.5# bass, near the dam, again using a 5” wacky worm.  Also near the dam I caught a bluegill no bigger than my hand, and gave him a free trip back to the water for taking on a bait bigger than himself (also for being the best food for big bass!).  We fished from daylight until 11:00am, and caught 31 bass, with 12 culls.  All were chunky, healthy bass.  It was hot, believe it or not, but the breeze and the clouds made it bearable.  The water looks down about 1’ from the last time I was there.  Sure could use several good rains!