Fun day at the Bluffs...again.

Jul 04 2022

Jeff Cavitt


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Reservation Number : 32636
Property Name : The Bluffs of Sandy Shores
Reservation Date : 07/02/2022 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 30+ cull to 6.88 lbs
Lures Used : Chatterbait, Fluke, Stick Worm, and many more.

What can I say, my friend and I like the Bluffs. 2nd trip there so we had high expectations. Like others have said before, the morning bite was slowish. We caught a few good ones. 2nd bass of the day for me was the 6.88 beauty. Same old story. Weighless 7 inch black and blue Bass Pro sticko. It just gets the job done. All for of my big bass from this place came on the same worm. Don’t leave home without it. Small chatterbaits and flukes worked well. When the sun was out, they wanted watermelon red worms and flukes. When we had clouds, they wanted the black and blue worm. Sun kicked us off the lake around 1 PM. Took almost a 3 hour break for lunch and ice run. 

When we came back there were more clouds and a thin layer of haze in the sky to dim the sun a bit. The wind picked up a bit more as well. However, the bass were more active. They were chasing bait fish and blowing up the surface all around the boat ramp/pier area and beyond the first island. Very fun but also distracting as to where to throw your lure. Didn’t really cash in too much on those because it would be hot for 10 minutes and then go away for a while. Then they would explode again. So we stopped chasing and just went around the main islands. They were mostly in grass all day. Towards the evening things lit up more around the islands. So there would be some blow ups and we could cast at them or near by and pick up a couple of bass. 

We learned not to go too far behind the wood piles or the newer areas. Too shallow to get the boat in and out. Great boat by the way. Definitely the best I have been on in the club over the passed 3ish years. 

We did lose count with all the comotion. However, were positive on the culls as the boat has a nice live well. So we counted them out into a cooler of water and Uber’ed them over to the pond by the front gate. All fish survived the journey. 

Many 2’s, one 3, couple of 4’s, a 5, and the 6.88. Such a big place and can’t believe they are making it bigger. Going to need a cabin at some point. It’s already big enough that we ran down my 2 batteries. My motor takes 2. Anchor on the boat is nice to have but doesn’t really hold up to the wind as much as you might think. 

Always fun to fish here and worth the trip.