Black Hat Shutout

May 28 2022

James Mathis


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Reservation Number : 32740
Property Name : Black Hat
Reservation Date : 05/27/2022 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 0 LMb 1 crappie
Lures Used : Crank, soft plastics

Great, low-wind day for fishing, but not catching. My first complete shutout on a PWF water.

One nice crappie on a plastic worm.

The small plastic boat is great for one, probably a bit tight for two.

Jun 30 2022

Steve Alexander


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We just finished spraying the vegetation to know it back, added tilapia and the aeration system is fully functioning. The lake has a great concrete ramp and has been a perennial top 20 lake in the club for a decade. Sorry your trip was slow, but don’t rest on Black Hat!