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May 08 2022

Rick Svoboda

Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 31880
Property Name : Frannies Lake
Reservation Date : 05/07/2022 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 44 Biggest two 5 3/4 & 5 1/2
Lures Used : Wacky rigged watermelon red senkos

Mike & I fished for six hours on Saturday afternoon.  The air temperature was in the high 80’s but there was a light breezy most of the afternoon that made fishing comforatble.  And it was nice to fish for a change without 15-30 mph winds.  Water temperature ranged from 77 to 81 degrees.  Water clarity was good at 3’.  We caught 44 with the two biggest at 5 ¾ and 5 ½.  And we caught a bunch that went 3 – 3½ lbs.  Was a fun afternoon of fishing.  Harvested 9.  Wacky rigged watermelon red and watermelon black & red flake Senkos are what nearly all the fish were caught on.  Like other reports they were just out from the weed line.  We caught quite a few in the cove on the south west corner, between the boat house and dam.  Only a couple of small ones were caught along the dam.  The rest were caught along the east and west banks.  When we were here in early March, we caught a bunch of huge crappies, but none on this trip. This is an awesome properly.  So secluded and beautifual.  The concrete boat ramp made launching and recovering our two small boats very easy.  We will  fish this properly again this year.