Postspawning on the Bluffs

Apr 21 2022

Joshua Massoud


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Fellow new member Jon David Cross and I fished the Bluffs on this, the 21st day of April in the year of our Lord 2022.

  1. We launched at 7am and fished till 2:30pm, with a 30min break around 12:30.
  2. Conditions were overcast with a steady 20mph wind, water temp was 70, and water was watermelon stained to a clarity of 3.5 feet or so.  Some pond weed and milfoil starting to grow, light snot grass in spots, but otherwise clean.
  3. Bit of slow start till we patterned out the fish.  Fish were decidedly postspawn, a few males still circling near probable bedding areas, females retreated to areas just off the areas or feeding in typical feeding zones. Could not locate prespawn fish or any fish with eggs.  Fish were strong and well recovered from the spawn.  
  4. Fish were up in the water column, even when over deeper structure, they were suspending at 2 feet or so.  Some fish hanging nearer to the bottom.
  5. Fish wanted it moving, but we struggled to find a bite with spinnerbaits or chatterbaits – squarebill (waked slow, but steady or slow and diving up to 3 feet), shad color underspin, and TRIG with a darker worm or speedworm seemed to be the best bets.
  6. Top five came in just under 29lbs or so – biggest (exactly 7lbs) was had on a bluegill 1.5 squarebill.  Clipping the top of new pond weed around humps seemed to be the reaction bite with access to deep water and against or past windblown area.  Other top 5 went nearly 6 or so. 
  7. Fish were scattered and continue to be found on all parts of the lake for the most part.  2-5 a spot.
  8. Culled 12, caught close to 40.

All in all, a solid day and happy to fish with a new member (and very thankful he had a boat with power poles…I hope this wind takes a chill pill before too long…)