Must Have Offended the Bass Somehow - Before We Even Arrived

Mar 27 2022

John Shepard

Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 31764
Property Name : Bremmond
Reservation Date : 03/26/2022 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 6 bass; two @ 11" & one @ 19"; rest 15-16"
Lures Used : dropshot & chatterbait

I don’t know how else to explain how hard we fished with so little catching.  Fellow member Ron Dupree and were casting lures before 8AM and fished until 4:30 under cloudless skies and a moderate wind (annoying but not an impediment).  It had been five days since the rain event and we figured that was long enough for the lake to settle down.  The water was 12-18” higher (only a few of the white rocks of the boat ramp were out of the water), the water didn’t look muddy (more stained with somewhat decreased visibility), and water temp ranged from 63 to 67.  No visible feeding activity.  No bass spooked off the bank.  I quickly caught one with a chatterbait and followed up with another an hour later. My last bass was at 10:00. Ron had a slower start but caught the big bass of the day in the afternoon.  Two anglers in two boats each trying multiple lures and presentations in a multitude of locations yielded a grand total of six bass.  Mine were all on a chatterbait and Ron’s were all on dropshot. I even ventured fairly deep into the timber but lost tackle without getting a bite.

Reading other reports from Saturday outings, I see that we weren’t alone in fishing without catching much.  For others in that camp, I commiserate with you.  Hats off to you anglers that found willing bass on Saturday.  Thank goodness we enjoy fishing so much that we will do it again soon..

Mar 28 2022

John Little


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I fished ther Friday afternoon with the same results. It was dead still and the water has algea and pollen…At least the wind blew it off for you but the water in general was a thick stain. Me and my guest caught 7…1-5 & 1-3. The timber looks like bass heaven but hard ro fish. My best luck has been outside the timber fishing away from from it using silver or orange cranks.