Banger of a day @ Twin Oaks!!

Jan 26 2022

Brian Dumont


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Reservation Number : 31005
Property Name : Twin Oaks
Reservation Date : 01/25/2022 All Day - 01/25/2022 All Day
Total Fish/Sizes : 44 bass, 4 cull, 2-4lbs
Lures Used : Whopper plopper, cranks, lipless, chatterbaits, flukes, swim jigs, spinner baits

Got there around 8am, from Pf.. Overcast, 45deg, 4mph winds, w/drizzle.. Talk about a perfect hill country day to slay some bass, and we did. CAUGHT 40+ with 4 cull, all over the lake. True to most of the reviews this place is stacked with 2-4lb fish.  Found them deep, in the shallows and transitions from shallow to deep water.  About and hr into the trip we saw them busting shad on the shallow end by the pipe. Literally shad jumping out of the water. I instantly grabbed my 130 Crystal Minnow out of the my rod runner and proceeded to hammer them top water style. Excellent day to be out on a very nice piece of property.  Will definitely return to hunt some tanks.