Beautiful Winter Fishing out at Malouf

Jan 25 2022

Alex Elrod


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Reservation Number : 31002
Property Name : Malouf Lake
Reservation Date : 01/23/2022 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 8 all 2.5-3 LBS
Lures Used : Chatter Bait!

Second time at Malouf and it just gets better. You can likely say that the more you visit properties and become familiar with patterns. I don’t live too far from Malouf so it’s easy for me to jump over to Malouf when the weather is ripe for a cast or ten.

I got on the water at about 1:30 and headed home just before sunset. Beautiful pink and orange skies closed out a solid day on the water!

I didn’t have a thermometer but the ambient temperature was 65 degrees or so but the water was sitll very chilly. The bass were still very active when it came to the only thing I could get them on and that was the chatterbait. I had read a few reports before and the chatter bait seemed to work so I started there and it didn’t let up. I caught 8 and all had plump bellies. I missed 4 fish with bad hooksets and didn’t retrieve the net quick enough. Either way, the bass love the chatter bait so everyone lean into it if you have a few!

Almost all of the bass were 20 feet from the bank right around where the remaining grass line drops into the deeper water – sitting right off the ledges waiting to ambush bait, I suppose. I tried fishing with deeper waters with 5-6’ and even 12-15’ crank baits and didn’t get a single bite. I wandered toward the timber and tried to go really deep with swim baits, chatter bait, and even weighted TR worms but nada. At one point I did switch over to a small white & silver chatterbait and got hammered by a feisty 2+ pounder – my guess on general weight because I didn’t land it as it jumped and threw my lure!

Biggest of the day was right at 3 pounds and engulfed the orange chatter bait with a black & blue rage craw trailer. Such a fun bite. Love fishing the chatter bait bite. Either way, Malouf is such a fun lake that’s so close to the DFW metroplex that i’ll continue to venture out there especially as the weather warms up just a bit and we get into prespawn – it ought to continue to pay off!