Decent day at RC

Jan 24 2022

Joseph Alfe


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I hit RC for the first time on Sunday 1/23/2022. What started as a promising sunny warm day turned colder and gray by the time I got to the lake. I got aggressive early and scoured the deeper portions near the dam with the A-Rig, deep cranks, and swimbaits with no action. Started hitting the first drop off on near-dam shorelines in 5-8’ with med running cranks and rattle baits burned fast and started scoring fish. Nothing big, nothing tiny, just solid 2-3# fish. I ended with 8-9 fish total. I did venture up the creek arm to explore. It seemed empty, but at a sunken tree tangle in 4’ I had something come out of the tree pushing a hump of water after my swim jig, but never got a good look. It left quite a boil. I also observed two empty nests, likely left over from last year, but noted for later spring. Beautiful little property!