No cigar today

Jan 24 2022



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Reservation Number : 30980
Property Name : SW Lake
Reservation Date : 01/23/2022 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 6
Lures Used : Brush hog, worm, jig, crankbait, senko, rattletrap

I fished the PM hoping to get warmer temps and something big to bite. As you can see, the one in the pic was about the size I was only able to get to bite. The winds were probably about 15 mph so it took some adjustment. The water was 41 and it warmed up to 44 degrees and it was stained maybe 1 ft clarity. I worked shallow and I worked deep. Deepest was 11-12 ft. I worked the brushpiles but they were really too shallow right now. The water was maybe 3 ft low. The water around the island and further south about 1/3 of the pond was too low so it limited the fishing. Most of the fish were in about 7-8 ft of water. I would see big ones on the bottom on the lowrance but I couldn’t get them to bite. Maybe I wasted half of the day fishing hard moving baits when I should have been using finesse baits. They would only bite soft plastics. Most of the fish came from the 2/3 east side toward the dam. At the end of the day, the owner came out to see how I did. I was trying to get some hints from him on how he caught the big fish. I believe he gave me a couple of ideas next time I go out there. Anticipation anticipation….until next time and pray for some rain. Thank you Mr Owner and PWF!

Jan 24 2022

Joshua Massoud


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driest december in 127 years – we need a couple of really good rains before the spawn…