Still Plenty of Bass at The Bluffs

Jan 04 2022

William Butler


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Ryan and I got out yesterday to try The Bluffs again.  The last time we were there, the wind blew and the temperature had dropped significantly the day before.  I think it was 33 degrees last time with 15-20 mph gusts, but we caught almost 100 bass, so it was hard to complain.  Maybe one day the guy will invite me when it’s 68 and partly cloudy, with a nice 10 mph breeze out of the south.

Yesterday, the air temperature was 27 when we launched and it wasn’t as cold as our previous trip.  Ryan caught the first 3 lber on his 4th or 5th cast.  We ended up catching 42 fish on the day, with 21 culls.  Almost everything over 14” was in the 3-4 lb class, so it was a nice day on the water.  We coudn’t get any really big ones to bite, but I saw several on my LiveScope.  I put several baits right beside some big fish, but they didn’t bite.  Maybe they were caught recently or they didn’t like my swimbaits….

We primarily caught them on Dimiki Vaults (blade baits), Keitech 2.8 & 3.0 swimbaits and the biggest (5.2) bit a Deps bluegill slow-sinking swimbait.  I had a bigger fish hooked and was pulling drag, but ultimately pulled off.     

Overall, I’d say we had a solid day and it was good to catch bigger fish. 

Jan 22 2022

Merlin Talley


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Nice day on the water, William!