PSA: Holy Boat

Dec 31 2021

Peter Jayroe


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I don't post many fishing reports, but I wanted to let anyone with an upcoming reservation at SW lake know that the club boat is not usable due to holes in the stern where some genius drug it across the concrete ramp.  The holes are small so you could probably fix it with jb weld or something similar. I didn't have any so I fished from the bank. 

oh yeah…the fishing…caught 5 bass and a crappie.  A few of the bass were pigs…one 5lb ish and one 4 lb ish, the others were 1-2 lbs.  4 bass and crappie caught on a silver squarebill crankbait and one bass on a chartreuse spinnerbait.  Jig, fluke, and plastic worms were not effective today for me.  

Jan 04 2022

Cole Porter


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Thanks for the heads up.

I have an appointment with an aluminum welder next Tuesday, January 11th to have the boat repaired.

Cole PWF