Numbers and decent ones at an awesome lake

Dec 12 2021

Ryan Sipe


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Reservation Number : 30493
Property Name : The Bluffs of Sandy Shores
Reservation Date : 12/11/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 92/68 culls. Largest were 6.23 and 4.98.
Lures Used : LV500 (3-4 LB fish)/underspins (dinks to 2 LB)/WCZ Swimbait (6 LB)/squarebills (dinks)

Well, it was fun getting out on the water around 7:30 and got off at 3 PM.  It was chilly and the wind blew 15 mph with 30 mph gusts most of the day.  If we would have been in a small boat, I doubt we’d have had much fun.  We were able to put down the Raptors in almost every part of the lake and cover water.  It was brisk, but we were suited up and threw on the surgical gloves.  For anyone that fishes in the winter time, grab a box, they will surprise you.  Top 5 fish went for 20.2.   We boated 92, culled 68 and the two biggest were 6.23 and 4.98.   Overall, it was a very good day on a windy/cold post front day and we found a spot with my LiveScope that held close to 30 2-3 lbers and we nailed about 18 in a 45 minute period.  It was almost every cast.  

What worked:  LV500 (3-4 LB fish)/underspins (dinks to 2 LB)/WCZ Swimbait (6 LB)/squarebills (dinks)

What didn’t work:  Topwater

If you go out there and want the spot where we smoked them, shoot me a message and I’ll circle it on a map.  Using LiveScope and Mega 360 on the lake felt like cheating.  I’m guessing on a better weather day we would have caught some bigger fish.  I saw several that didn’t bite, but we definitely caught enough.