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Dec 01 2021

Mark Borge


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Date: November 30, 2021

It was a gorgeous day, wind mainly low most of the day with a few gusts here and there, temperature in the low 70’s, bluebird skies. We had watched the video for The Bluffs of Sandy Shores and were intrigued, particularly by the specatular boat ramp! There was even a port-a-potty! We’re talking first class! We launched around 8:00. It didn’t take long to boat the first fish as we migrated by the first island. The water is very clear and the vegetation is receding, but still abundant. Throughout the morning we landed close to 10 ranging from 2 to close to 6lbs. The bait of choice was a white and chartreuse chatter bait, no trailer. Most bass were caught in 5 to 7 feet of water. This bait dominated the action all day. After lunch, Trav nailed 3 in about a flurry over a 10 minute period with more of a slow, vertical presentation. One of those was over 5lbs and another one weighed at exactly 6lbs – hawgs! We discovered that the bass prefered a slow retrieve, bouncing off the bottom, in the vegetation, which is a dominant component in this remarkable tank that also features islands, bluffs, deep water, and humps. I missed a good one on a red shad texas-rigged culprit worm, which connected with another bass in the afternoon. The only other bait that produced a couple fish was a chartreuse/white spinner bait with a silver colorado blade, slow rolled. All in all we think we boated around 17 very healthy, and REALLY strong fish, most were 3 ½ lbs or more. More than one turned and pulled our 10’ bass raider around for a while while drag was ripping from our reels. This is a very unique lake and we had the priviledge of meeting and visiting with Ronnie and Milton during our lunch break – great guys. Based on our conversation, we fully anticipate the action at this lake to continue to improve even more. We will certainly be back.   

Dec 02 2021

Dale Stagg

Slot Fish

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Very Awesome!