Windy Day- but figured it out.

Nov 24 2021

David Wilcox


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Reservation Number : 30502
Property Name : Triple J Ranch
Reservation Date : 11/23/2021 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 3 LMB, 10 Crappie
Lures Used : Strike King Rocket Shad

 My buddy and I decided to take a last minute ½ day trip. We started out trying to catch some Crappie around structure with only one success. I was using my CHIRP sonar and we could see the fish but they were not hitting. After being blown around by the wind, dragging the anchor and bailing out the club boat out for about 1.5hrs. ( Note to PWF) there is s moderate leak in the boat, thank goodness I brought a plastic container to bail out the boat. We started to troll around the lake almost in a figure 8 from the SW corner to NE all in the middle of the lake. I would mark fish and when the Rocket Shad would pass over them we started getting hits. The Crappie were very nice size and very healthy. To my surprise I also landed 2 LMB trolling, 1-2LBS and 1- 3.25LBS. Overall we had a nice afternoon and had a good mess of crappie to take home.