Nice day at travis lake.

Nov 24 2021

Tim O'Connor


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Reservation Number : 30504
Property Name : Travis Lake
Reservation Date : 11/23/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 4 bass/ 1-3 lbs. 1 crappie
Lures Used : White fluke

On the water by 7:30. There was morning topwater activity, but nothing I threw was of interest. 

Outside of the crappie, which hit a white rattletrap, all 4 of the bass hit a texas rigged white fluke.  No culls. Largest was probably 3 lbs, and right after I caught that one another  hit the fluke and broke me off.  

I caught all the fish  from the dock.   I walked most of the lake and threw chatterbaits, spinners and senkos as well as the morning topwaters but nothing else seemed to interest them but the flukes.  Not ruling out improper lure presentation. 

Water was murky, maybe 12-18 inch  visibility tops.