Fall Bassing

Nov 23 2021

Jordan Massey


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Reservation Number : 30470
Property Name : Trinity Lakes
Reservation Date : 11/22/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 26
Lures Used : Little bit of everything

My uncle (John Jordan) and I fished Covington 11/22.

Arrowhead Lake

This is where we started. The lake is about three foot low so getting our 14 foot aluminum jon boat in and out was a challange as hand launching our boat is not an option but we got it in and out. Some gravel at the launch spot would really be helpful. Its pretty steep and hard to get traction as the lake bottom is really soft so the trailer sunk in the mud. Caugh a decent sized fish within about 5 minutes of throwing a spinnerbait and thought it would be a steady bite as it was the couple of times we fished here in the summer but I was wrong. We fished arrowhead for about two or three hours and caught around 7 or 8 between the both of us. I caught a healthy 2-3 pounder on a chatterbait and my uncle caught a 2 pounder or so. The rest were culls.

Goose Lake

This was the second lake we fished. It also is down probably 2-3 feet but with the steep bank launching and loading our boat was no issue. I didn’t have much luck at this lake catching 2 or 3 but my uncle did catch about 5 or 6. The grass is now well below the surface in this lake but it is still there. Not a lot to say here but the fish size was comparable to arrowhead lake.

Comanche Lake

We fished here the remainder of the time we were here from about 1-5. Water isn’t down too much but is much muddier than Goose and Arrowhead. No grass at all in the lake so you can throw the whole tacklebox here. Caught a couple dinks on various baits but the majority of the fish were around 12” or so. We returned two fish over the cull size. 


All in all I would say this was a great trip considering the time of the year and the air temp was about 40 degrees when we launched. Goose and Arrowhead have nice healthy 2 to 3 pound fish in them while Comanche is really going to benefit from harvesting. We fished Comanche back in the summer and caught about 50 fish out of it that were under 14” before we were harvesting fish out of it. If you haven’t fished here give it a try. All three lakes have great fish in them.