Windy Double A debut

Nov 23 2021

Keith Barfield


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Reservation Number : 30477
Property Name : Double A Lake
Reservation Date : 11/20/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 2, up to 2.5 lbs.
Lures Used : Everything

My guest Brandon and I got the call up to AA on Saturday from the rookie league. Excellent coaching (detailed reports), a contour map, warm November weather (albeit windy), created anxious anticipation for our AA debut.

The Bass Forecast prognosticators called for a 5.5 “fair” day. Water temps around 60 and slightly stained at about 2 – 3 feet.  With a bullpen game planned, we had many rods on the deck to offer many bait options to the bass. The top water starter did not last long. It was soon replaced with a variety of soft plastics, crank baits, spinner baits, swim baits and jigs.  Really surprised the frog fished slowly over the matted grass got no takers.

Attendance was limited to 100 cattle who watched the action from the pastures. With the severe wind and prior scouting reports from MVP coach Joshua M and other members, we knew our AA debut might be tough against this formidable foe. The heavy grass made for a tough playing field around the edges.  Our pitching was not as successful as expected.  Even varying the speed of our pitches did not help.   

Sure enough, our two fish for the day probably will move us back to the rookie league. Both were caught on Tx R lizards. Both had fat bellies.  I need to work more on my deep water and finesse techniques.

However with a 9 hour fishing day, we were happy to post a complete game. Though the AA Wills Point Bass won the game on this day, we will continue our PWF road trip vs. lesser foes and calmer wind conditions.  With almost 50 starts over a six year career in the PWF league, I was expecting a better day. ☹

Many thanks to the landowner who gave us a well-managed field and jon boat to compete on. We will get a rematch!  

Nov 23 2021

Mark Daugherty

Slot Fish

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Sorry you had a tough day Kieth, but thanks for the minor league farm report. That was a fun read!


Nov 23 2021

Joshua Massoud


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Double A can be fickle and you really have to work to find the fish.  When they chase the bait up top, it makes it much easier to find one of the three or four major schools and work it with a jerkbait or topwater if you get to the school in time.  That was my best day out there in the middle of the summer chasing school. Right now, most of the bait is going to sit deep, so that isn’t a reliable pattern this late in the fall. (I got skunked last time in October). 

The big hump/ledge in the middle is good, but they can be in a few different spots.  I’ve found them in the NE and SE corner as well. 

Most of us probably work 1-12ft of water for the most part on lakes, but that is occupied around this lake in the heavy grass line. The grass line is tough because the grass is so thick, you really have to work right over the top of it and punch (easily my biggest weakness).  However, when the wind is up, it becomes really tough to hold any spot and work it slowly – and anchoring requires a heavy base with a 30+ foot rope (talk about a workout). I want to take my big boat out there with spot lock, which would make it much easier. 

Better luck next time Keith!