Fished 10/31 (Video Link included) - New Boat Ramp!

Nov 22 2021

Jeremy Francis


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Fished ½ day, two days after the first cold front of the year, and 2 days of 40-50 mph winds.  Also had full sun, and no clouds.  No that I got all the excuses out of the way, i landed 3 fish, 2 pretty solid, and missed 2-3 good bites as well.  Take a look at the video (linked below) so that you can see what I was fishing (where).  I was using mainly underspins and either 3’ or 5’ paddletail swimbaits along the big rocks and boulders on bottom.  The trees and timber area where other have caught fish didn’t produce a single bite.  The was down about 4 ft, which may have had them drawn out deeper. 

Straight out from the ramp is a big point, and about 15-20 yards out from there was lots of boulders on bottom.  That’s where the fish were most active this day, and chasing bait.  The boat ramp had just been put in, and I had no problem launching my 17 ft Ranger.  The owner was also extremely nice, and I love his ideas for improving this lake.  I’ll definitely be back to this one!

Nov 23 2021

Joshua Massoud


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I appreciate your video on the electronics – that’s the next step I want to take next year for lakes that have deep water like Salt Lick/Double A. Not sure if I want to go the livescope route (or if I even can with an ultraskiff).  Right now I’m just using a portable garmin that gives basic info and I try to make good educated guesses. Thank you for the breakdown!

Fishing a day or so after a big front can be really tough, especially when it is really slick like that.  Perfectly calm conditions are one of my nightmares – I’ll take 15mph+ wind anytime.